Wing surfing prodigy flexes skills during practice

Jeffrey Spencer is a wing surfing prodigy from Maui. Wing surfing is the sport of riding a hydrofoil (a surfboard with fins) while holding an inflatable sail. Jeffrey and his brother Finn Spencer, at 17 and 15 years old respectively, have already solidified themselves as surf champions. Jeffrey is even a three-time Stand-Up Paddleboard (SUP) Canadian national champion. 

You only have to take one look at his Instagram to see why. He can get some serious vertical height and pull off some pretty cool jumps. In July, he and Finn went riding and the footage was nothing short of majestic. 

Scored to some relaxing tunes, a camera follows Jeffrey from behind as he glides through turquoise Maui waters. Jeffrey smoothly moves across the surface before catching some air. He leaps upward and pulls his legs behind him while holding onto the wings. The athlete looks like he’s gracefully weightless before sticking a neat landing. 

“That’s some good air, boy!” one Instagram user wrote

“That was smooth,” another said

“The wing shape is really good,” one person added.

Jeffrey told Slingshot that his favorite thing about wing surfing is the ease of use. 

“You just pump it up and you’re ready to go! When you want to you can go fast, extremely fast downwind,” he said. “You can jump really high, especially when it’s windy. You can catch lots of waves without having to paddle back out. It’s actually easy to go upwind.” 

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