‘Winter House’ stars Ciara Miller and Austen Kroll discuss their future as friends in tense sit-down (Exclusive)

The second season of Winter House ends this week, and it appears as though the cast members are eager to move on from past drama before they leave Vermont.

Throughout Season 2, Ciara Miller and Austen Kroll have had a rocky road figuring out a comfortable dynamic for their friendship as they attempt to fully move on from one another romantically. It’s a back-and-forth that culminated in Ciara’s shutting Austen out of her room after he ribbed her about sleeping with someone else before Winter House started filming this season.

In The Know by Yahoo has an exclusive first look at the season finale, which shows the pair hashing it out for good and getting to the bottom of what they need to do to move on as friends.

“I could predict that Austen was gonna pull me aside,” Ciara says in her confessional. “It’s actually on page 3 of his playbook. It says, ‘This chapter is Apologize for All My Bulls*** — Constantly.'”

“The other night, I guess you feel like I was coming at you and that I was like, ‘Oh, my gosh! hypocrisy!'” Austen tells Ciara about their aforementioned blowup. “I thought it was funnier more than anything.”

“Whatever your rationale is for getting upset [and] the hypocrisy … yeah, we’re trying to come off [of a dramatic] summer and you trying to bring another girl to the house is really … I don’t think it has anything to do with me having sex with someone before I came to the house,” Ciara tells Austen. “It was a game, you asked me the question, I answered it.”

Earlier in the season, Austen considered inviting his then-hookup, Olivia Flowers from Southern Charm, to the house in Vermont. After Ciara expressed discomfort with the idea, he backed down.

“I didn’t know what sort of line we’d be toeing on this trip,” he says. “Being in a house with someone you have had feelings for and [shared] emotions with and a past with is super tough. It’s like, ‘What’s flirting and what’s being friends?'”

“Honestly? The two weeks have not been worth you trying to come at me every opportunity you get,” Ciara responds.

“I hear you and everything that you’ve said, but I just want to know what you need from me in order to have a friendship and relationship because it’s important to me.”

Find out how the conversation concludes on the Season 2 finale of Winter House, which airs on Bravo on Thursday, Dec. 15 at 8 p.m. ET.

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