TikToker alleges misplaced wire is a common mugging setup

A TikToker is claiming there’s a sinister reason behind why some people see a ribbon or wire tied around a car door.

User @ice.lemon.water filmed themselves driving by a parked car with a string wrapped around the driver’s side door handle. The video caption said, “WTF is this a joke someone better not get kidnapped.”


We thought it was a joke at first until we found the second one 😳 #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #scary #viral #trending #BoseAllOut

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Then, @ice.lemon.water found a second car with a ribbon tied tightly around the same side door. The clip has since been viewed over 20 million times.

“We found a second one,” the TikTok said. “I’m getting out of here.”

Another TikToker, user @achunkyguy, who goes by Reece, replied to the video with his own input on the situation.

“What you see on that car handle right there is wire,” Reece claimed. “The reason people use wire is because it’ll distract you for longer, it’ll take longer to get it off.”

Later, @Ice.lemon.water posted a follow-up video saying they did not think what they’d found was wire, but rather the type of ribbon you’d find attached to a balloon.

Regardless, Reece claimed that if anyone ever sees wire or string tied to their car, they should not approach the vehicle alone.

“Tactics like this are being used in the U.S. prominently,” Reece claimed in a follow-up video. “People put stuff on your car to distract you for that split second so they can grab you before you get to your car.”

A similar TikTok went viral in February after user Haley West noticed a water bottle left on the hood of her car. A guy did end up approaching her, but she quickly ran back into a store until she felt safe again.

“The best thing you can do in that situation is: Go back to wherever you were that was the most populated and grab somebody to escort you to your car,” Reece advised.

“I’m very disturbed,” one user replied to Reece’s video.

“This happened to me,” another TikToker claimed. “I called my friend’s mom who’s a cop and turns out there was a tracker on my car … scary.”

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