‘Wizards of Waverly Place’ head writer confirms Selena Gomez’s character was bisexual, and TikTok reacts: ‘would have been a power couple fr’ 

On March 27, Wizards of Waverly Place star Jennifer Stone, co-host of the Wizards of Waverly Pod podcast, shared a clip of her interview with the Disney Channel’s series’ head writer and executive producer Peter Murrieta.

When asked about a storyline he would’ve liked to explore, Murrieta shares a revelatory piece of news regarding protagonist Alex Russo’s sexuality. Alex, of course, was portrayed by Selena Gomez during the show’s four-season run from 2007 to 2012.

“We could have played more with the relationship between Stevie and Alex,” Murrieta says. “But we weren’t able to in that time. But it was pretty clear to all of us what that relationship was.”

Stevie Nichols, a young wizard portrayed by lesbian singer Hayley Kiyoko, made their first appearance during the show’s third season. Kiyoko‘s character was present for just four episodes.

Disney Channel has had characters, and they did it. At that time, it wasn’t a thing,” he says. “But we got as close as we could. I mean, it was pretty close.”

“I would have felt more Normal as a teen if this happened”

Content creator Jenny Tuell (@jennytuell14) posted a video reacting to the news of Alex Russo’s bisexuality. In terms of whether or not they already suspected this to be the case? Commenters seem to be split.

“I mean…was it really THAT surprising?” one TikToker asked.

“Whether it’s true or not there was so much tension between the two even my 10 yr old self noticed,” another shared.

“would have been a power couple fr,” someone replied.

“I would have felt more Normal as a teen if this happened,” one Wizards fan wrote.

“The worst kept secret ever that closet was non existent”

Hayley Kiyoko (@hayleykiyoko) even weighed in on the recent news with a cheeky video of her own. Kiyoko officially came out as a lesbian with the release of her 2015 single “Girls Like Girls.”

“me being told to play Alex’s ‘bestie’ on Wizards,” she writes, as clips of Alex and Stevie play in the background.

“You sure about that?” Kiyoko lip-syncs to the camera.

TikTokers praised Kiyoko for her role in Wizards, and some commented on the fact that she’s paved the way for other LGBTQ characters on the Disney Channel.

“Stevie and Alex shoulda had a separate series in my opinion,” one user wrote. “Stevie and Alex could benefit from each other in adult hood- 100% believe it.”

“Hayley I think you were disneys soft launch to lgbtq characters in this era! Love it,” another wrote.

“The worst kept secret ever,” someone joked. “that closet was non existent.”

In The Know reached out to Disney for comment but has not heard back as of reporting.

For many viewers, while Murrieta and the Wizards of Waverly Place writers’ room were unable to explore Alex and Stevie’s relationship to its full potential, there’s a sense of validation in knowing that’s something the writers would’ve focused on if given the opportunity.

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