Here’s why you’ve seen the word ‘wom’ on TikTok

Whenever you see a bunch of TikTokers using a word you’ve never heard of, you can bet you’ve stumbled upon new slang or an inside joke. 

A new word has popped up in comment sections across the app. People aren’t exactly sure what “wom” means but they have their theories. The word has cropped up a part of replies and as a stand-alone phrase. Here’s why some speculate its origins may have something to do with Minecraft. 

Who invented “wom” on TikTok

Some believe the whole trend was started by Minecraft gamer AvaJC. The 17-year-old Australian has 2 million followers on TikTok, 152,000 followers on Twitch and 88,000 subscribers on YouTube. Apparently, the teen streamer says “wom” in a lot of videos. 

AvaJC addresses “wom” phenomenon on TikTok 

“So a lot of people have been asking me what does ‘wom’ mean? And well apart from ‘wom is wom’ I will finally release the secret if I hit 100K on YouTube or 200K on Twitch,” she said

People theorized in the comment section suggesting, “We’re On Minecraft,” “World Of Minecraft,” and “Women Of Minecraft” as potential explanations. 

AvaJC still hasn’t hit those subscriber milestones, so we’re still waiting to get a solid definition from her. In the meantime, she has teased out its potential meaning on TikTok. 

“Finally figuring out what ‘wom’ means,” she wrote in a video caption. 

After discovering the word’s meaning, her Minecraft avatar was accosted by a giant snail — a reference to the “immortal snail” meme on TikTok. 

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