Woman mistakes seasoning packet for bath salts, has very weird bath

A woman turned herself into soup when she misread the label on a product. 

TikTok influencer and model Kenna McClellan went viral after revealing she made a big mistake. McClellan thought she picked up a package of bath salts — but it turns out the bag was full of a very different kind of salt. 


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“I am soup,” the video caption read

The content creator revealed a full bathtub with colorful flakes in the water.

“I just turned myself into literal soup,” she said. “I thought these were bath salts.” 

McClellan held up a clear plastic bag of salt seasoning. The sediment was white with red, green and yellow flakes that resembled potpourri. Its chic minimalist “am.” logo also somewhat gave the impression that it could be spa-related. 

“I didn’t realize until after I put them in. I’m currently bathing in paprika, onion, garlic, red pepper and herbs,” she joked

The hilarious video received 6.7 million views on TikTok

“Incredible and 100% something I would do,” someone commented

“Simmer for 30 minutes,” a user joked

“I made a heating pack with rice and it was accidentally seasoned rice,” a person shared

“Hahaha I had to do a double take on that package too,” another wrote

“It took me 3 days once to realize I had used body wash as moisturizer mistakenly,” a TikToker replied

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