Woman accidentally casts phone screen to TV while sending intimate messages

Whether you’re in the bathroom or the bedroom, always make sure that you aren’t mirroring your phone screen before you start sending intimate Snapchats and text messages.

Unfortunately, one woman made the mistake of not checking before she started sending — and as a result, her private pictures and messages started showing up on the living room TV.

In a now-viral video, TikTok user jessirayne0 captured the hilarious moment her sister’s personal Snapchats started showing up on the TV.



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“Oh my god. My sister forgot she was on Apple Play … and she’s in the bathroom and I can see her Snapchat,” jessirayne0 explains in a fit of laughter.

Meanwhile, on the TV, her sister can be seen sending a Snapchat to what appears to be her partner with the caption, “Babe I’m takin the biggest s*** right now I literally don’t know why it burns so bad.”

“Did you want a pic?” she then asks her partner.

“Hurry I’m bout to wipe,” she adds.

“I’m so confused,” jessirayne0 says while all of this is happening. “She really showed him… why?! What the heck!”

Fellow TikTok users found the situation both humiliating and hilarious.

“Omg that’s so embarrassing,” one person said.

“My biggest nightmare,” another user added.

“She shouldn’t be sending that i’m dying,” a third person commented.

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