Woman accidentally spends over $500 at seafood restaurant

A woman couldn’t believe she racked up over $500 in seafood at a local restaurant.

TikToker Damienne Flagler visited The Boiler in Atlanta and treated herself to a veritable feast. When she got the bill, she was stunned by how expensive some of the menu items were. She lamented in the comments section of the post, “I swear we could’ve got a house full of groceries,” and that she even asked if she could do dishes to pay off the debt. 


Your belly gone be full but your pockets gone be empty 😂

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First, she had the blue rock candy martini ($14). Then, Flagler ordered the fried crab cakes ($18), fried cheese sticks ($8), sweet potato fries ($7) and seafood eggrolls ($16) as appetizers. To “boost her appetite” for the next round of food, she had another blue rock candy martini. 

For the main course, she had a boil bag ($64.99) full of lobster tails ($22), snow crabs ($39.99), crawfish, shrimp, beef sausage (extra $6), black mussels, corn, egg, potato and ramen noodles (extra $10). But she wasn’t done yet: She had the fried king crab, which came with six pieces.

Flagler loved everything she ate and wasn’t disappointed, but she admitted she may have gotten a little carried away with her order. 

“Y’all got to try this place. But I got to keep it 100% with y’all. This is not a cheap date. My big a** ordering all of this food, and I didn’t even realize the king crab alone [was] $200! What!?” Flagler said in the video, showing off the itemized receipt. 

After a 3% processing fee, taxes and 18% tip, the total price for the seafood feast cost $527.37. 

“Your belly gone be full but your pockets gone be empty,” she wrote in the caption

The cautionary tale racked up over 1.7 million views on TikTok

“Friend, you ordered everything. My food was only $30 when I went,” someone commented. Flagler replied, “I should’ve ordered what you had,” with a laughing emoji. 

“$200! Nah, baby. I’m cooking this at home,” a user wrote

“I would’ve gone to the bathroom and jumped out the window,” another joked

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