Woman accuses ex-husband of trying to ‘sabotage’ her new marriage: ‘You should have called’

A man and his ex-wife are at odds over their son’s student council election. 

The father went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for advice. The problem started when his son decided to challenge his stepbrother’s position in the school election. The mother believed the son was being petty, but the father thought it would make a great learning experience.

“School is doing a new term in the new year for their classes student council rep,” the father said. “Currently, my son’s stepbrother is the rep and he is running again. My son decided he wanted to run against him. My ex told him he can’t, saying it was inappropriate since he never showed an interest in something like this before and thinks he’s just trying to be petty against his stepbrother. And said they’re family so he should support him.”

The father went around his ex and signed his son’s permission slip. But that didn’t go over well with the mom. 

“My ex now thinks I’m trying to sabotage her new blended family,” he wrote. “We have even custody so there’s nothing she can actually do but she keeps telling me I’m just doing this to make her mad. That’s not the case, I’m just glad my son is trying to get involved so think the ends justify the means. My sister however is on my ex-wife’s side and says I’m being petty.”

Reddit users had mixed feelings about how the father handled the situation.

“You should have called her to discuss it,” one person said.

“He shouldn’t be kept from being involved just because it might be awkward with his stepbrother,” another wrote

“it sounds like neither of you discussed this with each other before making a decision,” someone commented

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