Woman ‘ashamed’ after discovering husband’s secret household behavior: ‘[It’s] really concerning’

A woman is furious at her husband for ruining her cooking all the time.

She shared a major incident on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to get advice. Her husband isn’t a very good cook, so typically she cooks the meals and he does the chores. But recently he began adding spices and inserting his opinion on how she ought to cook. Then one day, after she spent hours prepping food for her parents, he ruined the entire meal in secret. When her parents ate the food, they were disgusted by how it tasted. 

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“Lately, he’s been waiting for when I prepare dinner or lunch then sneaks in and add extra salt/paper/spices/other ingredients that completely ruin the meal,” she wrote. “First it was a mystery to me. Had me questioning myself. Why [did I add] too much salt or spices? He admitted he was the one adding extra ingredients and messing up my cooking. I’ve told him to not try to get involved in something he doesn’t have experience with, I’ve basically been eating out for a week now because of him.” 

But when her family visited, the Reddit poster had the last straw. 

“My mom and dad suddenly looked grossed out and said they couldn’t eat cause the food had so much salt in it,” she explained. “I was confused I asked them to try another dish which was too spicy for them to eat. My dad had an upset stomach and he almost threw up. He has high blood pressure and salt wasn’t good for him. Mike kept acting confused. My mom and dad couldn’t eat anything I made. I knew Mike had something to do with it. My parents left and I felt ashamed. I asked Mike, then I blew up after he admitted he went behind my back to add ingredients that he thought were gonna make my food better.”

Reddit posters were horrified by the husband’s behavior. 

“The escalating part is really concerning. I wonder if he is planning on adding something in the main dish, that is not a spice or food product, in order to get you to willingly ingest it?” one user commented

“He is deliberately sabotaging you,” another said. 

“This isn’t normal behavior…” someone added

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