Woman asks out co-worker and it goes … ‘badly’

A woman asked a co-worker out on a date, and his response baffled her.

The woman took to Reddit’s “Relationship Advice” forum to tell her story and ask if her behavior was inappropriate. “Asked a guy out and oh boy, did that go badly…,” she began.

She wondered if her co-worker’s confusing response to her date request was a result of bad behavior on her part.

The woman began by explaining that she has been working with a new colleague for several weeks, and they’ve really been hitting it off.

“He’s a good laugh and there’s plenty of banter,” she wrote. Over time, she added, their small talk has been feeling “increasingly flirty.”

The woman shared that she will soon be leaving her current job for a new one and decided to take the opportunity to ask her co-worker on a date before she leaves.

“I figured I’d take the plunge… and ask if he fancies going for a drink sometime,” she wrote. 

While working on a project together and having a fun chat, the woman decided the time was right to ask her co-worker on a date.

“I asked in a hopefully casual/not too nervous manner, ‘Just wondering, do you want to go for a drink?’” she recalled.

The woman also explained that she’s comfortable with rejection and was “fully prepared for a ‘no.’” However, she did not anticipate her co-worker’s strange reaction.

Instead of responding to the question, her co-worker said, “Hold on a sec.” Then he started working on their shared project again. After a moment he exclaimed, “I have to be somewhere!” Then he ran out of the room. 

Baffled and embarrassed by the strange response, the woman began to wonder if she had acted inappropriately.

“I’m just wondering what I did wrong,” she wrote. “I really had no intention of making him feel uncomfortable or pressured.”

She concluded by sharing that later, when she bumped into her co-worker, she apologized for the awkwardness and that “things seemed chill.”

“It is cringe, but not on your part.”

Readers told the woman not to blame herself and speculated that the man might be inexperienced with women asking him out.

“It takes a lot of courage to ask someone out on a date so don’t feel bad,” one reader commented. 

“Could it have been the first time a woman asked him out?” another reader speculated. 

“It is cringe, but not on your part. That guy acted very strangely. I wonder if he’s inexperienced with women,” commented another reader.

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