Woman blasts ASOS over ‘brand new’ jumpsuit

Roxy Williams made an unpleasant discovery when her ASOS order arrived on Jan. 28.

The jumpsuit she bought online had evidently been tried on and possibly worn by a previous owner, as there were dried menstrual blood stains on the crotch.

Williams shared a photo of the stains on Twitter, where she has a little over 3,000 followers.

Williams told The Sun she didn’t notice the stains until she put on the jumpsuit while she was getting dressed to go to work. When she took it off to add another layer underneath, she saw the splotches and initially thought she had gotten her period unexpectedly.

“On closer inspection, it was very obviously someone else’s dried period blood,” Williams said. She also told the publication that the discovery made her feel “physically sick.”

After Williams tagged ASOS in the initial tweet, the brand reportedly DMed her saying they would look into it.

She then tweeted at them again, calling for an “actual resolution.”

ASOS publically responded to this tweet, saying “Hi Roxy, I’m sorry you haven’t received a resolution from us. Please send over a DM so we can look into this for you.”

Williams was unimpressed.

According to the New York Post, Williams has since been promised a refund for her purchase and a discount on a future order, as well as a promise to have the jumpsuit cleaned.

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