Woman has ‘total breakdown’ over BFF’s surprise pregnancy announcement: ‘I’m dead’

A woman totally tricked her best friend into walking right into the perfect surprise pregnancy announcement

TikToker Lauren scored viral gold with her very first video back in August. The pregnant mom wanted to find a way to tell her best friend she was expecting.

Lauren had just renovated her bathroom, so she convinced her friend that she was recording a reaction video to the room transformation. 


When your best friend thinks she’s filming a reaction video to the new bathroom (& thinks you’re saving neg pregnancy tests) #pregnant #fyp #foryou

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In the clip, the best friend walked into the bathroom and admired all of the changes. She was wowed by the modern sink and the geometric wall tiles. Then Lauren told her to check out the golden handles on some of the drawers. 

“The gold handlebars. Don’t you love the gold?” Lauren said, nudging her friend in the right direction. 

Her friend opened up the drawer and was amused by what she saw: a stack of five pregnancy tests. She immediately started cracking up. 

“I’m dead,” she said laughing, before taking a second look at the pregnancy tests. “Wait — that means ‘no,’ right? OK.” 

But Lauren didn’t respond. When the friend looked at her, she instantly knew and started screaming at the top of her lungs. 

“Oh my god! Oh my god!” the friend shrieked. “Are you serious? Oh my god!” 

The over-the-top reaction got over 14.8 million views on TikTok

“Love her energy and hype for the bathroom and then her total breakdown for the pregnancy,” one person said

“This is by far the best pregnancy announcement ever,” another wrote

“Her energy from start to finish is what you look for in a friend,” someone commented

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