Woman breaks down the different dog energies people possess: ‘It’s not all golden retrievers out there’

We’re all familiar with what it means if someone has “golden retriever energy,” right? One TikTok user is advocating for the use of a wider variety of breeds to describe a wider variety of, well, people.

Comedian Sara Bergmark (@sarabergmark_comedy) gave her thoughts on how golden retriever energy isn’t the only energy out there.


It’s not all golden retrievers out there.

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“Everyone loves to say someone has like golden retriever energy, but I think we need to like also say when they have a different type of dog energy,” she explains. “Cause I feel like I meet those people way more often, you know?”

Sara launches into examples of what she means. First up? “Pug energy.”

“That’s the underdog but the one that you’re like still down to hook up with,” she says. “‘Cause you’re like, ‘No, he’s like such pug energy. Like, I don’t know. There’s something about him… Like, yeah he’s quirky and he can’t breathe well but like I know he has a good heart.'”

Sara goes on to describe “rat terrier energy.”

“Like this is the guy that buys you a drink at the bar that you don’t really want, and interrupts the conversation every time,” she says. “Like that’s rat terrier. ‘Oh yeah he had rat terrier energy’ like yikes.'”

“Husky energy = stunningly gorgeous, never listens, gives no f’s about pleasing you”

TikTok users used the comments to add to Sara’s list.

“Chihuahua energy is your absolute best friend who will fight anyone who she thinks has done you wrong (sometimes misreads situations),” one user said.

“My kid has border collie energy. High energy, scary smart, needs a job or def will destroy your house,” another said.

“Husky energy = stunningly gorgeous, never listens, gives no f’s about pleasing you,” someone wrote.

As Sara notes, golden retriever energy, while lovely, may be rarer than you think.

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