Woman alarmed by boyfriend’s ‘creepy’ holiday gift: ‘I was in shock’

A 22-year-old woman is drawing a massive online response after sharing her “shocked” reaction to a present from her boyfriend.

The woman, who shared her experience in Reddit’s AITA (Am I The A******) forum), wrote that the gift, which her boyfriend gave her last Christmas, spawned such a large argument that the couple is still fighting about it to this day.

The controversy began last April, when the couple moved in together. At the time, the woman lost an “important,” very personal diary she kept when she was 12 years old.

“I was heartbroken, and was looking everywhere I could think of trying to find this missing diary, and my boyfriend was there to console me and help me look,” she wrote.

Her diary eventually turned up though, more than seven months later. That discovery led to the argument that left many Reddit users calling the woman’s boyfriend “creepy” and “selfish.”

‘How long have you had this?’

On Christmas Eve that year, the woman and her boyfriend exchanged gifts, with her giving him a new pair of shoes and him handing her … the missing diary.

“I was … not content with my gift to say the least,” she wrote. “After I opened [it] I was kind of in shock and he smiled and said, ‘do you like it?’ And I didn’t know what to say so I just shook my head and said ‘how long have you had this?'”

The boyfriend claimed he’d found the diary in the woman’s car during the summer, and had held onto it as a special “surprise.” That explanation only sparked a larger argument.

“I told him that he shouldn’t have waited so long to give it to me, especially not for Christmas and that it was a d*** move on his part,” she wrote, adding that, even today, “there is still resentment and awkwardness between [us].”

‘Thoughtless behavior on his part’

Hundreds of Reddit users responded to the woman’s post, with the majority of commenters taking her side. Several argued that the boyfriend’s “gift” was actually just his girlfriend’s property and that he should have returned earlier.

“He didn’t give you a present. He kept a belonging of yours from you for several months causing you distress. He knew he had one of your belongings and purposely kept it from you knowing that you wanted it back. Incredibly selfish and thoughtless behavior on his part,” one user wrote.

“He took something you cared about, most likely knew he would hurt your feelings, had the audacity to keep it, and then proceeded to get angry because you didn’t want a stolen gift,” another added. “It sounds like he’s not taking you seriously.”

Others were slightly more sympathetic, writing that they could understand the boyfriend’s intentions, despite how misguided his execution may have been.

“Your boyfriend may be one of those people who [buy into] movie-level romance. I say that because I can’t see him having any ill intentions when he did it. He just most likely a clueless romantic type,” one commenter wrote.

The woman, meanwhile, wrote that she and her boyfriend’s friends were split on the issue. That division was less present on Reddit, though, where users officially deemed her as being “NTA” (Not The A******).

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