Woman calls out boyfriend over refusal to cook his own dinner: ‘[He] is a grown man’

A woman forgot to make dinner for her boyfriend one night and he was furious.

She shared her situation on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. After working a 12-hour shift she realized she forgot to plan a meal in advance. She thought there was plenty of food at the house, but the boyfriend still reprimanded her when she came home. 

“In our household, I cook and do some cleaning and he does most of the cleaning,” she wrote. “Lately, my other half has been struggling with work/life balance so he hasn’t been doing many chores, so I’ve been picking up the slack on essentials or just not doing whatever I feel isn’t important. Every week I do a meal plan and the shopping for the week, except this time I forgot to factor in that I wouldn’t be home one of the evenings to cook dinner. I told my boyfriend to just throw something together.” 

When the Reddit poster returned from work the boyfriend was stand-offish. 

“I came home from my shift and my boyfriend was very upset that I forgot about his food. He ignored me for a while and gave me a cold shoulder. I told him that I forgot about myself too,” she explained. “I understand his frustration as this may be the second time that I’ve done this, but I thought he’d be fine with the food we had, whereas he now wants me to plan better for these evenings.”

Reddit users sided with the woman on the issue.

“Your boyfriend is a grown man he can make his own dinner,” one person wrote

“Why are you putting up with this sort of behavior from a grown man?” someone commented

“He’s not an infant. You are not his mother,” another said

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