Woman calls out fiancé over ‘shady’ use of inheritance money: ‘A bit of a red flag’

A man is arguing with his fiancée over his inheritance money. 

He shared their disagreement on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. His fiancée is upset that he’s using his inheritance to pay off his debt as opposed to sharing it with her. The Reddit poster wanted to know if his decision was selfish or not. 

“My father passed away and I planned to pay off some of my debt with the money, which would take up approximately one-third of the money,” he wrote. “She’s upset that we’re not making a fully split decision with what happens with the money and that I’ll be using it for my own benefit. I felt it would be a given that I pay off my debt considering it was my father who died.” 

The Reddit poster said most of his debt came from purchasing his fiancée’s engagement ring

“Not like I had any intentions of being shady and hiding any or anything like that,” he explained. “This also isn’t my first inheritance. First time I purchased us a house. Also, we do not have conjoined bank accounts. We’ve been together for over 10 years and this is causing a lot of stress on us.”

Reddit posters thought the fiancée was being shady.

“This is a bit of a red flag since you’re not even married yet,” one user said

“It’s yours to do as you please,” another commented

“It’s your inheritance and your decision,” someone wrote

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