Woman calls out roommate over ‘disrespectful’ at-home behavior: ‘He should know better’

A woman’s roommate gave her the cold shoulder when she held her ground over an on-going issue between them. 

She consulted Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for help. The 28-year-old lives with her 23-year-old male cousin who always hogs the living room. The woman put up with it for the most part, but one night when he was away, she decided to watch Sex and the City in the living room. However, when the 23-year-old returned home he demanded she go to her room and she wasn’t having it. 

“I live with my cousin, we are roommates and split rent in half,” the Reddit poster said. “He is always hogging up the living room, so I’m usually in my room. Well, I’m in quarantine right now, so I am not working and my cousin decided to go out tonight. So I started binge-watching Sex and the City in the living room. When he got home at 12 a.m. he found me on the couch watching the show. He looked bothered and made hand gestures to wrap it up. I just ignored him cause he didn’t actually say anything. He then pointed to the couch cause I was taking over the whole couch, so I made room for him. When he sat down he just talked a lot of s*** on the show and told me to give him the PS4 controller so he could basically change it to whatever he wanted to watch. I told him no.” 

Reddit users shared their opinions on the matter. 

“Disrespect = No, GTFO,” one person said

“Tell him he should know better and from now on you want a 50-50 split,” another wrote

“The house belongs to both of you,” someone commented

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