Woman calls out things that ‘people did for attention before social media,’ like wearing thong straps over jeans

Remember life before social media? One woman has hopped on the trend of calling things out that people did for attention in a pre-Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, whatever, age. Unsurprisingly, it’s super cringe.

Mackenzie Fritz (@mackenziemfritz), a creator based in Portland, Maine, contributed to the ongoing conversation about the ways people would try to garner attention before the advent of social media. Her examples were targeted at millennials in particular.


Things people did for attention before social media

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“I’m a millennial and I feel like I’m at a weird age where I can specifically remember almost half of my life living that, before social media, and then the other half of my life has been deeply intertwined in social media,” Mackenzie explains. “So, let’s talk about a few examples that I have.”

First up? The ankle brace person.

“There was always that person that, like, tweaked their ankle so they had to wear an ankle brace in P.E. but then instead of taking it off after P.E., they would literally wear it around all day, so that people would ask them what happened,” she says. “And they’d probably also try to go to the school nurse and, you know, pull that card.”

Mackenzie also mentions that one person who always wore “tweety bird pajamas to school.”

“Why did we all have this person that we went to school with? And why were we all scared of her?” she asks. “Like, I was scared of looking at her wrong and getting my a** beat.”

“Vile behavior,” Mackenzie believes, is also “wearing hospital bracelets when you’re not in the hospital, so that everyone would ask you, ‘Oh my god, what happened?'”

“Like, it became a status symbol almost.”

In the vein of medical-related, attention-seeking habits, Mackenzie calls out that person that would always have people sign their cast. She notes that they’d always come prepared with a black Sharpie in (the other) hand.

“I brought this up to my husband lately and he thought I was crazy because I was telling how when I was in elementary school, like, third grade, I literally wanted to break my arm because I wanted everyone to be able to sign my cast,” Mackenzie admits. “Like, it became a status symbol almost.”

Lastly, the most attention-seeking tactic out there, Mackenzie says, is deliberately wearing your thong straps above your jeans.

“And it was always, like, the very, very strappy ones. Like a g-string,” she says.

“bringing mcdonalds for lunch after a doctor/dentist appointment”

Based on the comments her video’s received, Mackenzie isn’t the only one reminiscing about the pre-social media, attention-seeking age.

“Getting braces or glasses I ALWAYS wanted both lol for everyone to ask,” one user admitted.

“using the pencil sharpener to strut & show off your new fit in the middle of class,” another shared.

“bringing mcdonalds for lunch after a doctor/dentist appointment,” someone replied.

“The singular hair wrap after vacation or cruise,” a TikToker commented.

A pre-social media age, it seems, revolved around devising artful, not-so-subtle ways of having all eyes on you. For those us that lived through it, it was a totally lawless time.

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