Woman captures stunning footage of incredible whale encounter in Maui

A woman’s encounter with a whale is blowing up on Instagram.

Instagram user Cayla posted the footage on her account, ladynthedogs. The whale sighting took place in Maui. While whale season is officially from December to March, it is not unusual to begin spotting humpbacks as early as September. That was the case when Cayla and her friends were greeted by one of the huge mammals while kayaking. 

“In honor of whale season and this video recently blowing up … raise your hand if you’re ready for more epic encounters this year,” the caption reads

The clip shows a few yellow kayaks floating on the ocean. Then, a humpback swims toward one of the boats and hits the front of it gently.

“Johnny, he’s hitting your kayak,” a panicked voice shouts. 

But Johnny looks unfazed by the situation. Then the whale heads straight toward the kayak with the camera. 

“Oh my god. Oh my god,” a woman is heard saying. “Dude, dude, dude!” 

As it approaches, the whale dives beneath the surface and swims under the boat. The camera catches its body slinking below the watercraft and emerging on the other side. It pops its head up and makes a thunderous noise. Then the video cuts off. 

The clip received over 6,700 views on Instagram. 

“The sounds effects crack me up!” one user commented

“Johnny a savage. lmao, how in the hell did he manage to stay so calm?” another wrote

“What an amazing encounter!!” another person said.

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