Woman caught off guard by mother-in-law’s ‘hypocritical’ behavior: ‘evil and manipulative’

A woman and her mother-in-law (MIL) are feuding over their wedding dress colors. 

The issue arose when the bride wrote a burgundy wedding dress at her ceremony much to her mother-in-law’s chagrin. But when the woman discovered her mother-in-law didn’t wear white at her own wedding, the bride freaked out. She recounted the incident on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. 

“I never saw myself in white and my MIL made so many rude comments about why do I have to be unique and why can’t anyone be normal anymore? She made a face when she saw my burgundy dress and her two daughters caused even more drama than she did,” she explained

Things escalated months later when she and her mother-in-law were at her grandmother-in-law’s house. 

“She [grandmother-in-law] is in the process of moving to a smaller house and said she found MIL’s wedding album while she was packing, so MIL was looking through it and she didn’t wear white either,” she wrote. “She got married in a silver dress and then had a blue dress during the reception. I just lost it and I called her evil and manipulative.” 

Then the conversation escalated.

“Her response was, ‘I just wasn’t in the mood for white.’ My father-in-law started screaming at me for talking to her like that and my husband’s grandmother asked me to leave,” she said. “My husband was pretty embarrassed and now MIL claims I was being racially insensitive because she was born in a different country and claims that’s why she didn’t wear white. But I was just being unique, though that contradicts what she said about not being in the mood.”

Reddit didn’t think the woman handled the situation correctly.

“I would definitely say she was being a hypocritical a****** but you could’ve brought it up at a different time,” a user wrote

“It was an unnecessary confrontation that could have happened more calmly another day,” someone said.

“What she did was rude, but the way you handled it was short-sighted,” another commented

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