Woman cautions others to not wear these items when traveling to Italy in the summertime: ‘We had green dripping down our necks’

One woman is cautioning others to not wear these items and articles of clothing when traveling to Italy this summer.

On July 28, New York City-based creator Nikki Kilcullen (@nikkit26) posted a video on TikTok regarding what not to pack for an Italian vacation during the year’s hottest months — having just returned from Italy herself.

As temperatures continue to approach “record-breaking levels” across southern Europe, residents in the Italian cities of Rome, Florence and Bologna are contending with red alerts.

“The red alerts mean that even healthy people could be at risk from the extreme weather conditions, and the Italian government has advised those in the alert areas to avoid direct sunlight between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. local time,” reports CNBC.

Kilcullen’s first tip is to leave your cheaper, “fake” jewelry at home.

“This one goes out to my Shein and Amazon-budget girlies. Me and my friend both have this necklace,” Kilcullen says of a gold paperclip chain. “It was so f****** hot. Like 100 degrees…We had green dripping down our necks ’cause we were sweating so much and it tarnished and it was disgusting. We looked like Shrek. So do yourself a favor: Only wear your real jewelry,” she adds.

Copper may be the reason why your skin is turning green when wearing certain pieces of jewelry.

“When jewelry is made with copper, it can react with sweat, lotion, and other products on your skin and oxidize,” reports Reader’s Digest. “When copper oxidizes, it goes through chemical reactions that create a green type of ‘film’ on the jewelry, which then transfers to the skin.”

Kilcullen also recommends not to pack any pants, specifically jeans, for your trip.

“Denims are ideal for winters and countries that have cold climates,” Dr. Kabir Sardana of RML Hospital Delhi told the Times of India. “In hot weather they trap heat, leading to several skin-related complications and irritation, allergic rashes, contact dermatitis and fungal infections like ringworm.” 

Linen, Kilcullen suggests, is the better choice.

“You can get away with a white linen pair of pants on, like, a cool night,” she says.

Wearing the “classic going out outfit in America,” she claims, will alert locals that you’re a tourist. She also suggests American travelers refrain from wearing workout clothes too.

“You’ll get overcharged,” she says. “You just don’t wear your going out clothes like shorts and a crop top. Not it. Don’t wear your workout set in Italy. You look tacky. You look bad. I wear them every day at home.”

Lastly, bringing heels can yield more trouble than they’re worth.

“Don’t bring heels. You’ll break your ankle on the cobblestone,” she warns.

‘Y’all check the weather and wear what you want lol’

With more than 6.7 million views and 894,600 likes, it seems Kilcullen’s video has appealed to a fair number of TikTok users. And while some are taking her tips to heart, others are less convinced.

“Linen pants are great! Especially if you’re on the move and don’t want to get sunburned too much,” @b.marss wrote.

As someone from the continent of Europe, people were shorts and crop tops all the time in summer?? (Also summer dresses),” @anastasia_bukur2 commented.

“Y’all check the weather and wear what you want lol,” @justtheusername replied.

In a follow-up video posted on July 29, Kilcullen provided suggestions for what should be worn while in Italy during the summer.


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Having a comfortable pair of sneakers is, for Kilcullen, key.

“You have to wear a good pair of sneakers,” she says. “I say white but you don’t have to wear white. Whatever you f****** like, as long as they’re comfy enough to walk all over in because there’s cobblestone on the streets.”

White linen shorts are her preferred alternative to pants.

“I brought two pairs and they were amazing. Everyone was panicking, ‘What do I wear if I don’t wear my athletic clothes and my jean shorts?’ Dresses, nice dresses,” she says, before adding that wearing spandex beneath dresses can also help prevent chafing between thighs.

Dresses that allow for breathability, basic tank tops, a crossbody bag to protect from pickpockets and a light shawl to wear inside churches are additional items she recommends.

“And sunscreen!” she adds.

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