Woman claps back at people bullying her androgynous sister on TikTok

A musician took to TikTok to address a few commenters who ignorantly mocked her androgynous sister, who also happens to be battling cancer.

Loren Schaffer, an actress and singer from Atlanta, Ga., clapped back at a handful of ignorant viewers who tried to assert that her sister, Lindzey Schaffer, is actually “a brother” because of her style and her short hair.

“You guys have to stop telling me that my sister is my brother,” Loren said in a TikTok response video that has been viewed over 9.7M times. “I was there when she was born.”

“Do you live under a rock?” she continued in her flawless takedown. “Have you never seen an androgynous woman with a shaved head? It’s 2020, honey, women can wear whatever they want.”


Reply to @mr.connecticut my sister rules @lindzeyschaffer 🏳️‍🌈 You have to stop. #greenscreenvideo #youhaveto #lgbt#voiceeffects

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“Oh, and for the icing on the cake, she actually has cancer and her hair was down to her waist before chemotherapy, good thing she looks better with it shaved,” Loren added. “I hope typing this made you feel cool.”

TikTokers immediately rushed to the sisters’ defense, with many viewers expressing awe over Lindzey’s fashion sense.

“Her fashion is immaculate they are tripping,” wrote one user.

“Y’all killed these looks,” said another.

“You guys have both won the genetics lottery wow,” commented a third.

Loren’s now-viral video was created in response to a comment she received on another video where she and Lindzey partook in a trend where siblings who “look nothing alike” show off and celebrate their different looks.

In the initial video, Loren rocks a more classically feminine style, with high-waisted, light-wash jeans and a form-fitting green turtle neck. The ‘fit stands in stark contrast to Lindzey’s chic, loose-fitting green patterned button-down shirt, combat boots and baggy jeans.

Two very different vibes served equally cold, if you ask me.

After Loren’s response to the nasty “brother” comment (which, curiously, has since been deleted by the user who wrote it) went viral, she took to her Instagram to thank viewers for their undying support.

“Wow. Lindzey and I are blown away,” she wrote. “10 million TikTok views in 24 hours between our accounts and THOUSANDS of prayers and well wishes pouring in…. She’s reading every comment and message and it’s giving her so much LIFE! We can FEEL the energy literally.”

Loren also shared the GoFundMe link to help cover the cost of Lindzey’s cancer treatment, explaining that the 30-year-old was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer with bone metastasis in January 2020.

“Unfortunately, breast cancer ‘runs’ in our family,” the fundraiser notes. “Our mother had it in 2009, our grandmother had it, our Aunt currently has it, and most of our Great Aunts had it. A stage 4 cancer diagnosis is also nothing new for our family. In 2013, our father was diagnosed with colon cancer, which metastasized to his brain in 2015. He lost his cancer battle in 2017, at just 61 years old.”

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I can’t believe I’m making a post like this AGAIN. It feels like some sort of bad dream… As strong, resilient and positive as my family is, it seems like one thing after another. We lost our father to cancer 3 years ago and now my baby sister… MY BABY SISTER has stage 4 breast cancer. Tears come to my eyes to even have to type that. For those who don’t know, a few months ago my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer that has metastasized to her bones. All over her body. She hadn’t been feeling well but never in a million years thought to get a mammogram in her 20s. It seems so young. But it happened. Y’all know me… you know my family. We count our blessings and remain grateful even in the toughest of times and we continue to do that now. I think I refuse to believe this is even happening so I laugh and smile and work hard and push through and just expect God and the universe to meet us half way. I am 100% expecting a miracle with Lindzey. She’s a bad ass. She feverishly researches holistic alternatives on top of chemo, eats perfectly clean, I mean HASN’T CHEATED since day one. If you know her, giving up an addiction to Coca-Cola to take herbal supplements and be damn near raw vegan is crazy. It’s working. But it’s gonna be a tough road. That being said— the medical bills are piling up. The holistic stuff is piling up. Her nutritional supplements and food cost is piling up. She’s such a hard worker and has always been so successful, she’d never EVER admit she needed anything. But my older sister Lisa, being the numbers person of the fam knows and created a gofundme for her. We will be helping all that we can. I’m slinging shampoo tryin to build my biz so that I can help in any way I can. I have a lot of friends and followers. With Covid I know many are in need. It doesn’t have to be a large donation but if everyone that follows me (for music, shampoo or whatever reason) contributed $2, she’d be over our her goal. Not drowning. Please keep Lindzey in your prayers. Please keep our mom in your prayers. It’s hard enough to lose your husband, so seeing your baby go through this is devastating. Link to donate in bio. ❤️ #kickingcancersass #gofundme

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“Lindzey is such a fighter and she is doing everything in her power to beat this disease. She has the most positive attitude and wants to help other young women who might be going through this,” the page adds. “She is one of the most generous people I’ve ever met, and she would do anything for anyone.”

The sisters’ GoFundMe page has currently raised $44,655 of its $50,000 goal and counting.

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