Woman confronts husband after making suspicious find in their bathroom: ‘I feel like I’m going crazy’

A woman who discovered long strands of hair in her bathroom that did not belong to her was shocked to learn the who the culprit was behind the mysterious tresses.

The 29-year-old woman first took to Reddit on July 14 to ask for advice on the stressful situation from the community.

“This started a few weeks ago,” she explained. “While cleaning the bathroom I found a number of long hair strands over my bathroom wall by the shower. This struck me as very odd because not only does my husband not have hair, I also wear a very cropped, short hairstyle. So it’s impossible for the strands I found to belong to either me or my husband.”

The woman said she cleaned up the hair, but still “couldn’t stop thinking about it,” wondering to whom they might belong.

“There seems to be a pattern that there are hairs appearing when I’m either at work or out for a longer time period,” she said. “I feel like I’m going crazy and feel like I shouldn’t just immediately go to my husband cheating on me with a longer-haired woman. I asked my husband about it and he just shrugged. Which makes me more paranoid as surely this is something that’s strange so why is he so blasé about it! I’m starting to think he’s playing it down to stop me from finding out the truth.”

Many Reddit users suggested that the woman’s husband might be having an affair, and some even advised her to set up hidden cameras throughout her home to catch him in the act.

After deciding against the surveillance approach to avoid betraying her partner’s trust, the woman decided to one day simply leave work early and see what was going on in her home while she was away.

That’s when she met her husband’s down-on-his-luck friend Dave, who had apparently been showering at their place before interviews since he lost his job amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“Standing in the hallway trying to work out what to do; if I should sneak around or make my presence known, before I could decide, my husband walked out of the kitchen with two cups of tea,” she wrote. “By my husband’s face it was obvious he was surprised to see me. Playing along with naivete, I asked my husband how he could have known I was coming home early to make me tea? Expecting my husband to lie, he surprised me by sitting me down and explaining everything.”

“At the beginning of lockdown, his friend; someone I’m not all the close with because only met once, was evicted, lost his job, and had been couch surfing,” she continued. “So for some days over the past couple of weeks, this guy has been travelling to our house, and with the acceptance of my husband, using our bathroom to freshen up to attend interviews. He was also borrowing shirts and suits from my husband. As it turns out, my husband’s friend has long hair and a beard. So it turns out my husband isn’t cheating on me but was hiding the fact his long-haired friend was coming over to use our shower. After his shower, I ended up meeting ‘Dave,’ and he turned out to be a very nice bloke just down on his luck. I wished him the best for his socially distanced interview and he went on his way.”

As for why her husband did not simply tell her what was going on with Dave the first time she asked?

“Turns out he was worried about my reaction and me not liking his friend or approving of the situation,” she wrote. “He also told me Dave was very embarrassed about the whole situation and didn’t want people to know what he was having to do. I told my husband I was starting to believe he was cheating and he was shocked, having not even considering those implications while attempting covering for his friend. I told him this whole thing was ridiculous and even suggested his friend live with us until he’s back on his feet.”

All’s well that ends well.

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