Woman considers kicking out teenage brother over his ‘disrespectful’ at-home behavior: ‘An ungrateful mooch’

A 22-year-old woman took her 16-year-old brother in after their parents kicked him out. But the only trouble is now she can’t stand her brother’s girlfriend. The woman took to Reddit’s “Relationship Advice” forum to figure out what to do. The issue is her little brother’s girlfriend eats all of her food

“The problem is with his girlfriend that pretty much comes over every day,” she wrote. “It has happened multiple times, where she eats my food that is in the refrigerator. I have told my brother to tell her not to do it, as I am at work when she comes over, but I guess he never does. Yesterday, since I was tired of it, I told my brother straight up that she couldn’t come over anymore. I told him that she has eaten my food way too many times and since he is not going to tell her not to, she just can’t come over anymore. He told me that my replaceable food isn’t worth more than his relationship and sexual needs. I told him that I don’t care about his needs and that it’s more so about the principal [sic] of it.” 

She suggested he and his girlfriend go hang out at the park. 

“He replied that he knew that it wasn’t just about the food and that I was really, ‘just jealous of her long, silky hair,’ and that I’m just mad because I look like a, ‘burnt a** Mr. Clean.’ Yes, his girlfriend is white and yes I just chopped off all of my hair,” the sister — who also identified herself as a Black woman earlier on in the post — explained. “I am a bit insecure about it, so what he said really hurt me. I didn’t say anything else because I was so close to bursting out in tears. I just walked back to my room, slammed the door, and cried into my pillow. very softly, for a little bit. What do I do? I don’t want to kick him out because he’s only 16 and I don’t think he will have anywhere to go.” 

Reddit users chimed in with support for the big sister who’s clearly in a difficult bind.

“You are a kind, beautiful and blessed soul and don’t you ever let anyone tell you any different. As for your brother, when I read about his responses. I cannot explain how angered I was. If there’s anything I hate more in this world, it’s an ungrateful mooch especially if it’s family,” one user commented

“Your brother is a disrespectful mooch who doesn’t listen to you and has no consequences for bad behavior,” another wrote

“If his girlfriend is so great, he can go live with her and leave you and your beautiful haircut alone,” someone added

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