Woman creates simple, 18-week plan to systematically ghost her crush

If you’ve ever been trapped in the “talking” phase with your crush, you’ll understand why this woman is going to great lengths to make it stop.

TikTok user homemadecrybaby, whose name is Chloé, shared a video of her friend smiling as she got a Snapchat message from a guy — then a screen recording of her friend’s elaborate, 18-week plan to ghost him.


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The friend, whose name is Kelly Tanner, created a note on her phone with a week-by-week guide to exactly how much she would allow herself to talk to this guy, with her response time decreasing every seven days.

For example, the week of September 9, she planned to wait an hour and a half to respond to his initial message, reply only 10 times, leave him on read (or open his message but wait to respond to it) for a while and also wait one hour to respond if he snaps her twice in a row.

Commenters had mixed feelings about her technique. Some thought it was brilliant and calculating, but others thought it was a bit toxic.

“Genuine question, not trying to be mean, why would someone do this? Instead of just saying you’re not interested and go?” one wrote.

“This is so intense what,” another said.

“Can I get a copy of that?” a third asked.

Tanner told In The Know that she’s had a crush on this man for two years now.

“It hasn’t gone anywhere serious and I’ve known for a while that it probably won’t, but for some reason it’s been sooo hard for me to break it off,” she said. “This plan was made more in an effort to distance myself from him so that I could move on!”

Her plan lasts a whopping 18 weeks, because that’s how long it would take to taper down their communication without him really noticing — and without going through that painful “breakup” phase that stings even if you were never really together.

“I wish I could say I have had this talk with them before but I haven’t,” she told In The Know. “I know guys generally don’t pick up on signs but I think I’ve made it pretty clear … I’ve tried to distance myself from him before but always fall back into his trap!”

Tanner has only just started testing her plan and expects to make some changes in the future, but so far it’s “pretty simple.”

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