Woman credits online forum with helping her escape a possible predator: ‘This was a popular thing’

An 18-year-old girl used a trick she learned from an online forum to thwart a serious perpetrator.

The young woman went on Reddit’s “Let’s Not Meet” to share her terrifying experience. It all began after a long day at work, the teenager was exhausted and just wanted to take the bus home. Then a man, twice her size, started to harass her while she was waiting at the bus stop.

“The man began to talk and I pulled out my AirPod to listen to what he was saying to me,” she wrote. “The AirPod fell and landed on the ground to which he picked it up for me, held onto it and stared at it for a few seconds before handing it back to me. I was already getting bad vibes from this man.”

Then the man started to make disturbing comments to her.

“‘Your eyes are beautiful, did you get them from your mum or dad?’ ‘Uh, my mum I guess,’” she explained. “I kept my replies short to try to signify I wasn’t in the mood for talking but he continued. ‘What bus are you catching? Where do you live?’ I laughed nervously and told him I didn’t feel very comfortable sharing where I lived, but I told him it was farther up north. He then said ‘Why? It’s not like I’m going to r*pe you! Isn’t is really fancy up there?’”

She tried several tactics to repel the man, she told him she had a boyfriend she wanted to marry and that she was 21 instead of 18 — but the guy wouldn’t stop. He continued to ask her questions about where she lived, if she was walking home alone or if someone was coming for her. That’s when she realized this guy was really trying to hurt her.

“By this point, I recalled a video from R/Slash about a highly pregnant woman and her daughter being followed to their car in an empty car park in the dark by an older man,” she said. “This lady was stressfully trying to find her keys in her purse as this man was standing beside her daughters on the opposite side of the car making small talk with them. He got impatient and had walked away before she’d found her keys. Someone commented on her submission saying this was a popular thing and that he was waiting for her to unlock the car so he could get in and control her via threats of her children.”

When she remembered the incident, she knew exactly what she had to do.

“It occurred to me that I should skip my bus and catch another one at a later time,” she wrote. “I did this exactly. He kept trying to ask where I live and I continued to refuse telling him where. He also continued to ask how far I live from the stop and if my partner was waiting for me. I deflected all his questions and after 40 minutes, he began to get grumpy and walked away from the station. He wasn’t there to catch a bus at all, but to prey on young women at a bus stop. I caught my bus about 10 minutes after he left and I ran home where I completely broke down and cried in the arms of my partner.”

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