Woman creeped out by sister’s ‘disrespectful’ behavior toward her boyfriend: ‘She knows exactly what she’s doing’

A woman is feuding with her sister over a going-away party guest list.

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for advice. The 23-year-old and her 25-year-old sister are having a small going away party. The problem is her sister insisted on inviting the Reddit poster’s ex-boyfriend. The last time the Reddit poster had a run-in with her ex, her sister pressured them into rekindling their romance.

“So, my sister and I are throwing a going-away party for the both of us,” the Reddit poster said. “Since it has to be a very small party we sat down to discuss who to invite, what games to play etc. Well, my boyfriend won’t be able to attend and for some reason, my sister insists on inviting my ex. So a little backstory: This summer my sister wanted to go out and invited the both of us and of course, we said yes. The whole night she tried very hard to push him onto me and forced us both to be alone the whole night. She even said sorry to my boyfriend about this (never to me) and blames it on her being drunk. For this reason, I do not want to go to a party with both of them at the same time.” 

The Reddit poster tried to explain that she didn’t want to invite her ex, but it resulted in an argument.  

“After some talking, she finally said, ‘Fine, if it’s gonna cause problems in your relationship we don’t have to invite him.’ And that really set me off so I told her, ‘No. There aren’t any problems in my relationship. The problem is you pushing my ex onto me when you know I’m in a relationship.’ Well after this she started screaming at me, calling me a bad person and saying that I’m lying and she was drunk when that happened so she couldn’t control what she did or said. We both hung up after this,” the Reddit poster wrote

Most people thought the sister’s behavior was unsettling. 

“If she’s going to be so immature and disrespectful then I’d say this is a good time to have separate going away parties,” a user wrote

“She’s trying to break up your current relationship with your boyfriend. She knows exactly what she’s doing,” someone commented

“It seems like your sister is purposely trying to cause drama for some reason,” another said

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