Woman goes viral after she declares summer 2023 will be reminiscent of summer 2016: ‘You have no choice but to have a feral girl summer’

The summer of 2016 is one of the most recounted seasons in recent memory. It was a summer filled with chart-topping songs such as Drake’s “One Dance,” a historic comeback in the NBA Finals and iconic Snapchat filters


“Waking up in 2016 summer was like,” wrote @_marco2xx.

It’s a time many people still long for.  

“I miss those days bro,” said @real.ot

“2016 was elite,” said @tykach01.

For everyone nostalgic for that summer, one TikToker offered a ray of hope.

“I could be wrong but I feel like summer 2023 could be part 2 to summer 2016,” @gsfootprints wrote in her post. 

The video received over 1 million views and alerted TikTokers to people’s expectations for this summer.

“WHAT was in summer 2016’s air. it was truly the best,” said @missjngo.

“2023 FERAL SUMMER,” replied @brittrodd.

In a follow-up video, @gsfootprints said she’ll be having a “feral girl summer.”

“You went viral for telling everyone this summer is going to be 2016 part 2 so now you have no choice but to have a feral girl summer,” she wrote. 

The #feralgirlsummer became popular in 2022, with women describing their aesthetic on nights out. The hashtag has over 70 million views and could resurface as a trend. 

“I could be wrong but it feels like feral girl summer is making a come back in 3 months,” @__mull wrote in her post. 

With the perfect aesthetic and high expectations set, summer 2023 has a lot to live up to. 

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