Woman deemed ‘terrible’ after refusing sister’s babysitting request: ‘I would be exhausted’

A woman is refusing to babysit her sister’s three children full-time unless she is paid. 

She went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for advice. The woman doesn’t have any kids herself, but grew up in a conservative household where women are expected to have children. Her two sisters, Margaret and Elizabeth, have kids. Elizabeth previously babysat Margaret’s children, but after Elizabeth moved away, Margaret demanded the Reddit user fill the role. 

“My partner and I have no interest in having children and needless to say my childfree lifestyle doesn’t please my parents,” the woman wrote. “Since the pandemic, both my partner and I have been working from home. He keeps regular office hours but I do contract work so I have more freedom with my schedule. When Margaret called us up in early December […] she was starting work in the New Year and she wanted me to watch her kids three days a week, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. I jokingly asked what rate she was paying for me to basically be a full-time babysitter and she was pissed about it. She said that I was a terrible sister and Elizabeth had never mentioned money.”

The user felt like she was being reasonable, but her entire family — except Elizabeth — is convinced otherwise. 

“Even during Christmas when we virtually celebrated with the extended family, Margaret made a big deal of it and now my entire family thinks I’m an a******, except Elizabeth, who privately confessed to me that she didn’t want to look after Margaret’s kids either (they’re unholy terrors) and was thankful she had moved away,” the woman said.

Reddit users thought Margaret was in the wrong.

“I use to babysit my cousins six to eight hours a day, two times a week and I would be exhausted but I was paid,” one person commented

“In the real world, most people have to pay for babysitting,” another said.

“She thinks she’s entitled to free childcare,” someone wrote.  

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