Woman deeply troubled by boyfriend’s ‘shady’ at-work behavior: ‘There is a lot more going on’

A woman discovered her boyfriend of five years was having an affair at work after she posted on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. 

She posted on the subreddit to ask for advice about a bizarre incident with her boyfriend. While her boyfriend was on a work video call, a coworker referred to her as his wife. She thought it was unusual since her boyfriend is against marriage, so she politely corrected the coworker, but it seemed to infuriate her boyfriend. This led her to post on the forum and eventually uncover his secret infidelity. 

“Boyfriend said that there was absolutely no need for me to correct coworker and that it’s better if people think I’m his wife,” the Reddit poster said. “I said I’m not his wife, I’m his girlfriend and he never told me that he told other people that I’m his wife. This somehow becomes an argument, with my side being that [my] boyfriend never told me that his coworkers think we’re married. And Boyfriend’s side being that I should have figured that being called his wife indicated that coworker thought I was his wife and I shouldn’t have corrected him.” 

Then the boyfriend came up with a strange plan to fix the situation. 

“He then said that the solution to this is that when he next has a video call with the coworker, he wants me to come in again, strike up a conversation and say that I was messing with him and that Boyfriend is actually Husband and us not being married is an inside joke I thought coworker was in on. I then said that was the dumbest plan he’d ever come up with,” the woman wrote

Reddit users believed the boyfriend was behaving oddly. 

“That is so shady and it feels like there is a lot more going on,” one user said

“Seems pretty damn bold of him to call you his wife after refusing to marry you,” another wrote

“This is super weird. Something else is going on here,” someone added

The Reddit poster eventually added an unfortunate update.

“We talked. He’s f****** a (female) coworker. Apparently, ‘I can’t leave my wife for you’ sounds better than ‘I can’t leave my girlfriend for you.’ So now he’s going to have to tell people we’ve divorced,” the woman said

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