Woman discovers hundreds of teeny tiny frogs

Sometimes nature is more whimsical than any fairytale. 

A Facebook user’s video went viral for capturing a cool moment at Minnesota’s Leech Lake. Krista Maureen shared a video showing a cluster of hundreds of tiny frogs on her personal account. It has since been shared over 67,000 times. 

“This is at Leech Lake on White Pass! I have also seen them at Rimrock before, so I would imagine it’s happening there now, too,” Maureen said. “This was just the tiniest fraction of them… soooo many!”

The brief clip shows the ground underneath a surfboard moving. From a distance, it looks like it might be an insect infestation, but when Maureen pans closer it’s luckily far cuter. There are hundreds of itty-bitty frogs swimming in the shallow water below the board. Maureen scoops a handful of them up with her hand. They each leap off and dive back in with their frog buddies. It’s the kind of thing you might imagine a Disney princess doing.

Facebook users agreed that the frogs were super cool. 

“Oh my goodness they’re so cute!” one person said

“How cool is that,” another wrote

“Omg, so many frogs,” someone added

Although Maureen’s video was a nice reminder of how cool Mother Nature is, you should always use caution when handling wild animals — especially frogs. Amphibians have a semi-permeable skin to absorb oxygen from water. Picking one up after washing your hands can cause soap oil and other harmful chemicals to penetrate their skin. But doing so without washing your hands can mean other lingering residues can damage them too. 

When in doubt, err on the side of observing animals rather than touching them — even if your intentions are pure. 

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