Woman divides Twitter with pre-marriage checklist

A young woman is causing a stir on Twitter after sharing all of the things she believes couples should discuss before they get married.

On July 23, 21-year-old Twitter user cxkenobxkerry — who was previously engaged — created a thread of all the things people should talk about before they tie the knot.

In the thread, she warned people to discuss things like debt, children and STDs before getting married and settling down with someone for good.

Credit: Twitter/cxkenobxkerry

She also said that you should “talk about your 5-10 year timeline regarding career/education” and your “levels of religiosity,” as she said sharing core beliefs about life is “VERY important.”

Credit: Twitter/cxkenobxkerry

Toward the end of the thread, she noted that “LOVE is not what keeps relationships going.” Instead, she said that “an active commitment to LOVE, despite the downfalls, keeps it going. Get out [of] the princess-king happily ever after mindset and you’ll be fine.”

As a final piece of advice, she told people not to pay too much attention to things like education levels, race and family, as “none of this matters in the long run.”

Credit: Twitter/cxkenobxkerry
Credit: Twitter/cxkenobxkerry

Cxkenobxkerry’s checklist struck a chord with many people on Twitter. As of writing, her thread has more than 220,000 likes and more than 61,000 retweets.

Many people thought that the extensive list is full of “amazing advice.”

“This such a helpful thread, thank you!” one person said.

“Wow this is amazing!! And so so important to understand and communicate to your S.O.,” another user added.

“Okay this feels literally like a comprehensive guide,” a third person commented. “Love.”

Some users, however, felt like the marriage advice overcomplicated what should be simple and heartfelt.

“Your making it look so hard, just dive in guys and enjoy the rest of your damn life,” one person commented.

“Might as well not get married,” another user said.

Just like marriage, Cxkenobxkerry’s thread just isn’t for everyone!

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