Woman does the unexpected for Starbucks staff following long wait for coffee

A California woman on TikTok has gone viral for her surprisingly kind gesture toward a Starbucks staff worker.

On August 30, Nerissa Davis Stewart waited unusually long for a coffee from a Starbucks location on the corner of Schleisman Road and Archibald Avenue in Eastvale, she said.

“I am an everyday patron and really like the associates and their service,” she told In The Know. “Normally, I would never wait this long. It truly was 26 minutes. I submitted a mobile order and saw several people standing inside, so I actually sat outside for a few minutes before going in since I had just finished working out.”

Stewart said she then approached a barista, who reportedly apologized multiple times and made her coffee on the spot. When the woman later asked the store’s supervisor for an explanation behind the long wait time, the supervisor broke down.

“She became teary eyed and stressed how short-staffed the staff was and that they were all doing the best they can,” Stewart recalled, adding that she saw about six baristas working that day.

Upon learning of the staff’s situation, Stewart went to Pizza Hut and ordered four medium pizzas and eight drinks for the store, she said. Soon after, she chronicled her experience in a TikTok, which has since received nearly 63,000 views.


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“Lesson of the day … Don’t judge until you walk in someone’s shoes,” she wrote at the end of the clip.

Stewart’s generous act quickly drew praise from fellow TikTok users, who thanked her for being considerate.

“That’s amazing!” one person wrote. “As a supervisor at Starbucks I would probably start crying if someone did this for me and my team! Thank you for your kindness!!!!”

“Thank you for showing them kindness!” another added. “We appreciate you!!”

Stewart said several employees have also expressed their gratitude during her subsequent visits to the store.

“I believe it is important for all of us to understand that we are still in a pandemic and that essential and frontline employees are still working under these conditions,” she told In The Know. “It is important for us all to slow down and appreciate those around us. I wanted this team to know that their patrons care, and I hope I improved their day! I made the [TikTok] video to share that kindness goes a long way!”

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