Woman doesn’t bring money on vacation with friend’s family, and TikTok has thoughts

A college student inspired a debate on TikTok when she revealed she got her friend’s parents to pay for her vacation. 

Carly Clement racked up 2.5 million views when she made a confession in a video. She claimed that her friend’s dad kept making her eye contact with her after she told him she didn’t bring any money on the trip. People were stunned that Clement let the family pay. 

“POV: Your on family vacation with your best friend family and her dad keeps making eye contact because I told him I didn’t bring any money on the trip,” the video text read

TikTokers had mixed reactions. Some felt she should be paying because she is over 18; others felt she should at least offer to pay. However, many felt the friend’s parents ought to foot the bill. 

“My friends family always paid for my food since they invited me, if I wanted anything extra like souvenirs that was for me to buy,” someone commented

“Anybody saying she should pay is wrong if you’re invited you assume they’re paying for dinner BUT my own parents never let me go without money in case,” a TikToker wrote

“U bring money and offer to pay, u don’t just expect them to pay,” another said

“When I was a kid understandable once I hit 16 we started splitting the cost of trip because that’s respectful?” a person commented.

“I wouldn’t even be comfortable going without my own money,” a user added

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