Woman meets dog wearing the exact same sweater as her: ‘There are no words’

A woman was left “shaking” and “processing” after having a highly improbable experience. 

Artist Carmen MacLeod’s TikTok feed is usually full of videos of surreal and bold paintings. But she took a bit of a departure in a recent post where she shared the most unlikeliest of events. The painter somehow ran into a dog dressed exactly like her. 


There are no words to describe what just happened, other than GOD IS GOOD #miracle #greenscreen

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“So don’t mind me shaking because I am still processing what just happened to me, but I just need to show you,” MacLeod said

MacLeod revealed a photo of herself petting a dog on the street. The small white dog was wearing a blue sweater with tiny white clouds on it. The sweater was nearly identical to MacLeod’s cardigan, which was the same shade of blue with little white clouds on it. She was shook. 

“There are no words. There are no words. I met a dog today who was wearing the same sweater as me. In what world does this happen? A really good world,” she said. “There are no words to describe what just happened, other than GOD IS GOOD.” 

Someone asked if MacLeod and the dog were besties now, she replied, “Yes. The owner and I are even getting coffee together.” 

The uncanny video received over 673,000 views on TikTok.

“OK, but what if that dog is you in another dimension?” someone commented

“This is the definition of serendipity,” another said

“Um, I’m pretty sure you are literally the only person in history this has ever happened to! Best day ever,” a person wrote

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