Woman dumbfounded by husband’s ‘cruel’ household prank: ‘I am shaking with anger’

A woman is furious at her prankster husband who took things too far. 

She went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum after she blew up at him. The woman’s husband and his family like to pull pranks that are often cruel and unfunny. This time her husband stopped speaking to her for two days and questioned the paternity of their newborn child — which left the Reddit poster furious. 

“He stopped helping with the baby suddenly and was looking upset and just avoided me for two days,” the Reddit poster explained. “I honestly had no idea what was going on. I tried to talk to him but he refused to say what was wrong until I snapped. He told me his mom said that our baby doesn’t really look like him and suggested that he secretly do a DNA test. I was speechless He said he did it without making me notice and got the results two days ago and it turned out our son isn’t his and that he’ll be moving out of the house and will contact an attorney in the morning. I swear I felt a ton of anger and confusion but I stood there speechless.”

The Reddit poster demanded to see the paternity test, which prompted her husband to come clean. 

“He kept saying that I got pranked and kept laughing at the face I made. He then after seeing how pissed I looked started apologizing to me telling to relax it was a prank. Then he said that his cousin was in on it and was the mastermind of this plan,” the woman wrote. “I immediately sent his cousin a very nasty email explaining that I’m struggling with a newborn while he’s trying to be funny and cruel to suggest something like that. My husband said I shouldn’t have lashed out at his cousin and I told him off after he mentioned that I apologize.”

Reddit users sided with the woman on this issue. 

“I am shaking with anger for you,” one user said

“This isn’t a prank, it’s bullying,” another wrote

“This is causing emotional trauma,” someone commented

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