Woman ends up concussed after bird drops a fish on her head

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No — it’s a … fish?

These are (probably) the words that went through TikTok user brand.of.beans’ head when a bird dropped a fish on her mom’s head and left her with a concussion.

On July 11, brand.of.beans posted a video of the encounter with the caption, “Ah, memories.”

“Throwback to when a bird dropped a fish on my mom and concussed her,” she said in the video, which shows what appears to be a bald eagle dropping a fish from high in the sky.

People can’t believe brand.of.beans’ mom’s luck — or really, bad luck.

“Just found a new fear,” one person said.

“THE ODDS OF THIS HAPPENING,” another user commented.

“WHAT ARE THE CHANCES,” a third person added.

Judging by the fact that brand.of.beans is making light of the strange situation, it’s safe to assume that her mother is now doing well. The fish, on the other hand … looks pretty dead.

Credit: TikTok/brand.of.beans

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