Woman enrages boyfriend with reason for not wanting to live together: ‘He needs to change’

A woman does not want to live with her boyfriend again after he got them evicted from their previous place. 

She went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to share her dilemma. The boyfriend apparently games a lot and is very loud while doing it — so loud that the landlord kicked them out. 

“Me and my boyfriend got evicted a few months ago,” the girlfriend wrote. “We get along well and both of us are otherwise very responsible when it comes to work and household chores. The main issue here is: He games a lot and is very loud when doing so. I tried to talk to him numerous times about how it’s not appropriate to yell at the game in the middle of the night but he never really listened to me. After too many noise complaints, we finally got evicted. During this time we have lived with a relative and he has continued to be very loud in front of the computer.”

The girlfriend found a place of her own but no longer wants to live with him.

“I told him that I don’t want to live with him as long as he keeps this behavior up and that he will need to find an apartment on his own,” the user explained. “I would love to live with him in the future if we ever get a home of our own, as we both dream of living remotely in the future. He thinks it’s really shitty of me to decide this over ‘one mistake’ but I really don’t want to go through this whole apartment searching process if he gets us evicted again and he really doesn’t show any inclination towards changing his behavior in this regard.”

Reddit users thought the boyfriend was out of line.

“He needs to change his behavior he is downplaying what has happened,” a user wrote

“This is extremely selfish behavior,” another said

“He got you both kicked out of your apartment and seemingly feels no remorse about it,” someone added

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