Woman enrages boyfriend with ‘ridiculous’ household request: ‘That’s not fair’

A woman wants her boyfriend to pay more rent than her, but he called the assertion ridiculous. 

The woman went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for advice. She explained that she and her boyfriend were planning on moving in together this year. And while her boyfriend made nearly twice as much money as her, that wasn’t the source of the issue. The problem was he expected to convert their hypothetical apartment’s spare room into a “man cave” but still wanted her to pay half the rent while getting less than half of the space. 

“I figured maybe I’d just move into his one-bedroom apartment with him. He, however, says he’d rather have a two-bedroom to give us more space for if we want time apart while living together,” she wrote. “The problem came when I brought this up to him and he said that he would want the spare room to be his office/’man cave.’ I said, okay, no problem, but if the extra room is specifically going to be your space, I don’t think we should go 50-50 on rent.”

Then the boyfriend suggested that the kitchen would be the same as a “man cave” for her. 

“The more I thought about it, he makes a lot more money than I did when I was employed (think $40,000 vs $70,000), so I said going 50-50 on rent doesn’t make sense anyway,” the user explained. “He said that it was ridiculous and that in an equal partnership, we should contribute equally. He also said that because we’d be looking for a place with a bigger kitchen than his current tiny kitchen and I enjoy cooking, that’s equivalent to his man cave. I disagreed because the only time I cook is to make both of us food, so just making me a little more comfortable without running into things isn’t the same as having a whole room just to myself.”

Reddit users agreed that the boyfriend was being unfair. 

“What he is asking you to do is not equitable! That’s not fair in a partnership that is supposed to be equal,” a person commented

“The kitchen being ‘your equivalent’ is very sexist,” another wrote. 

“Your logic is sound. He gets more space, he pays more,” someone added.

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