Woman enrages roommate with reason for forcing them to move out of their apartment: ‘That screams entitlement’

A woman feels bad for refusing to live with her roommate who has a child.

She posted about it on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. The woman has two roommates, Amy and Chelsea. Things were good until Amy suddenly got full custody of her son. The trouble is Chelsea and the Reddit poster have large dogs that are unfriendly to children and would make cohabitation impossible. Amy was told upfront that her child could never live there full time for this reason, but when she got custody of her son she seemed to expect the agreement to change. 

“We always said that having the kid around full time wouldn’t be a good fit because Chelsea and I both have large dogs that aren’t the most kid-friendly,” she explained. “Up until now, this arrangement had been working until recently we learned that Amy’s ex decided to join the military and now Amy will have to take full custody of her son whenever he is gone for extended periods of time. We all agreed that it would be best for Amy to find a new place to live, as neither Chelsea or I want to live with a small child and we also worry about the child’s safety around the dogs.” 

But Amy believed the Reddit poster and Chelsea were being unfair. 

“Amy is having a hard time finding a place to live, so she is unable to move out right now. Chelsea and I both agree that if she isn’t able to find anywhere else to go by the time the lease is up, we don’t plan on re-signing with Amy,” the woman wrote. “I am sympathetic to her situation but I don’t think that this is my responsibility to have to worry about.”

Reddit users were on the poster’s side.

“She’s lashing out at you guys for ending the lease. It screams entitlement,” one person commented

“You have the right to decide who you want to live with,” another said

“You didn’t sign on to live with a kid,” someone wrote

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