Woman exposes alleged cheater after noticing reflection in his photo

Another woman entered the ranks of amateur detectives after spotting something unusual in a photo from the man she was dating.

User @kayla_paeth shared footage to TikTok in which she pointed out what appeared to be the image of another woman in the reflection in a Snapchat photo.

“Gots to do better my guy lmao,” she wrote in the caption.

To the naked eye, a photo of spaghetti and ground beef cooking on a two-burner stove at 10 p.m. isn’t that suspicious. But Paeth made an eagle-eyed discovery.

The photo contains a reflective surface. The TikToker zoomed in to show what appears to be a woman holding a phone. She has acrylic nails, bracelets, a rose gold Apple Watch and a ring — all traditionally feminine things, which suggest he might have been romantically hanging out with another woman.

The TikToker clarified in the comments that she tried to figure out the angle herself and believes the woman was standing right next to the man on his left when he took the photo.

She also said that she questioned who was with him after receiving the photo, and he said, “should’ve been you.”

Commenters praised Paeth’s sleuthing skills.

“You’re like the FBI I swear,” one user said.

“He doesn’t have enough burners. You dodged a bullet,” another joked.

“Please let that girl know. I would be so upset if I cooked for someone else and he sent it to someone,” a third responded.

Paeth said that she, unfortunately, didn’t know who the other woman could have been — just that she probably wasn’t one of his relatives.

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