Woman exposes the truth and ‘ungatekeeps’ the things that ‘hot girls in nyc are doing’: ‘and ozempic’

Ever wonder what the “hot girls in nyc are doing”? Well, one woman supposedly has the answers.

Jade Beguelin (@jadebeguelin), a New York City-based content creator and skin care brand owner, has given TikTok users an inside look into what all the in-the-know girlies in the city are “obsessing over” in an effort to “ungatekeep” these seemingly secretive activities.


bruh why am i talking w my hands like this but here are some of the things the in the know girlies are obsessing over in nyc #nychacks #hotgirlhacks #nyc #ny

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“I don’t know if everyone is trying to just gatekeep, but this is all the rumblings that I have,” Jade begins.

The first secret Jade exposes? The (rented) hot girl wardrobe.

“I really debated gatekeeping this because I don’t want it to be ruined,” she says. “They are renting their clothes on this app called Pickle, both renting out their stuff and renting new stuff. But I swear, there is only the cutest stuff on here. It’s all the, like, must-have, trendy items, and they do same-day delivery, so if you are in a crunch, this is insane.”

Hot girls in New York City apparently go to an elite med spa — with boucle furniture, no less — that offers competitive prices.

“Next, they are all going to this med spa called Thérapie Clinic, and I’m gonna tell you why,” she continues. “They offer a ton of different things here, but one of the big things girlies are going to this place for is laser hair removal.”

Despite being a former “Hinge stan,” Jade also reveals that New York City girlies have switched platforms when it comes to dating. Enter: Raya.

“Hinge is over,” Jade declares. “Literally nobody uses it anymore because the quality is just trash, and everyone is kind of over it. People are randomly meeting people on Raya and actually going on dates, which never used to happen.”

Hot girls of NYC also apparently “hate the dentist,” which is why they only visit one in particular.

“They’re not going to normal dentists though; they’re going to Maison BE, which is literally the most stunning dentist office, they call it a ‘dentist studio,’ that I’ve ever seen,” she explains. “Not only can you watch Netflix literally playing on the ceiling as you get your cleaning done, but the dentists there really ask you about what your aesthetic goals are, if you have any, and they can actually give you good recommendations on what to do.”

“I’d suggest clarifying.. hot RICH girls in NYC”

Other “hot girlies” in varying cities have taken to the comments to share their own recommendations, as well as their thoughts on Jade’s exposé.

“and ozempic,” one user wrote, to which Jade responded, “This is true.”

“I’d suggest clarifying.. hot RICH girls in NYC,” another recommended.

“highly recommend sev laser for anyone looking in nyc. similarly great pricing, 2 locations (owned by a random kardashian relative),” someone replied.

“This single handedly is making me redownload Raya again,” a TikToker replied.

Making a trip to New York City anytime soon? Consider visiting these hot girl-certified spots when you go.

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