Woman faces dilemma after unexpected request from ex-husband: ‘This is his problem’

A woman doesn’t want to change her last name after getting divorced — and the whole story is wild. 

She went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to share her unique situation. The woman changed her surname after getting married. She and her husband had a set of twins together and then divorced after a year. His infidelity caused the split but that’s not the kicker: He is currently engaged to the Reddit user’s half-sister.

The woman and her half-sister share the same maiden name, Hoar, which neither woman likes. So now the half-sister is claiming that only she gets to use the husband’s surname and that the Reddit poster has to go back to using Hoar.

“My former surname was Hoar. It’s pronounced how you think. I’m never going back to that. […] There’s also a massive social stigma about single and unmarried moms and if your last name doesn’t match your kids’ you get far less respect and you get treated like dirt. Maybe that’s a regional thing and isn’t true everywhere, but it’s true here,” the Reddit user explained

But then her ex called her with the unexpected request.

“He called me like a month ago to tell me he’s getting married to his girlfriend. […] But then he said she doesn’t want to share the last name with me and he wants me to change it. He even offered to pay the legal fees. My reasons for keeping this name are the same as they were when we originally got divorced,” the woman wrote.

Then his fiancée exchanged words with her. 

“I told him, no and he accepted that, but then his partner called me the next day and literally yelled in my ear about how I’m not entitled to the last name anymore, how it should be hers now and I need to let go of my attachment to my ex because he ‘totally hates me.’ Also, she doesn’t want her future kids to share a last name with me,” the user wrote. “The last name isn’t as common as Jones, but it’s not Schwarzenegger either. Plenty of people will have this last name, whether they’re married to my ex or not.” 

Most people on Reddit didn’t think the woman had to change her name. 

“This is his problem he can deal with it,” one user said

“The name is yours to use,” another commented

“The flip side of being expected to change your name as a woman is getting to keep it,” someone added.

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