Woman finds and rescues owl on the side of the road: ‘I’m literally going to watch this thing get murdered’

Some people pick stray dogs up off the side of the street, but this woman found and rescued a bird she believed to be an owl from the road. 

Kate Riba (@reeebs1) posted a video from her car after she saved the bird.

“I’m shaking right now. I have an owl in my hand and I need help,” she said. “He’s just staring at me, and I don’t think one of his feet work properly.”

She explained how she saw something in the road that resembled a rag. She had to act quickly in the moment to help the animal. 

“I’m literally going to witness this thing get murdered, but I just made it there in time,” she continued. 

After saving the bird and asking her followers for help, she posted a follow-up video. 


bird update. tl;dr i took him to 3 vets and the third one took him in #bird #savedbird #tawnyfrogmouths

♬ Originalton – light3dits

“He was very chill but something wasn’t right,” she wrote in her post. “I took him to a 24/7 vet.”

Although she said in the post that she took the bird to a veterinarian, there were some complications. Riba found the bird on Easter Sunday, which meant that several places were closed and wouldn’t take the bird in. 

However, after two failed attempts, she found a third veterinarian willing to help the bird.

“Luckily, the third vet took him in and said they will release him if possible,” she said. 

Viewers are eagerly waiting for an update on the bird.

“Can we have an owl update,” said @jamies_creations.

“You should call the vet for an update,” said @brandon.cue.

Riba hasn’t provided an update on the bird but is preparing to do so when she calls the vet. 

“I think i’ll call tomorrow and video their reply,” she wrote @reeebs1 under one of her videos

Until there, viewers will wait on the status of the roadside bird.

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