Woman freaked out by friend’s ‘shady’ behavior toward her boyfriend: ‘It’s time to rethink this friendship’

An 18-year-old feels sidelined by her friend’s strange behavior regarding a small gathering. 

She shared what went down on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. Her friend Gemma invited her boyfriend Ben and another couple to a sleepover. The trouble was Gemma refused to invite the Reddit poster. Now there’s major drama.

“I asked my friend if she wanted to hang out on Friday,” the Reddit poster explained. “She said she was having our mutual friends who are in a relationship over and my boyfriend Ben for a sleepover, which is essentially a double date. I asked if I could come as I had no other plans that night and am good friends with everyone going. Gemma said no because ‘i don’t want to be the fifth wheel as there would then be two couples’. I said that’s understandable but otherwise, it’s two couples, one formed of you and my boyfriend. I was told no for no specific reason other than she just wanted it to be the original four planned.”

The Reddit poster didn’t understand why Gemma was leaving her out.

“I felt excluded and unwanted and told her so,” the Reddit poster wrote. “Then told Ben who said if she doesn’t allow me to come he won’t go either and we can go out for a date or something like that. After Gemma heard that Ben wasn’t going to come she then said that I could come but I’m not sure I want to if she had to be blackmailed to allow me? I genuinely thought me and her were very good friends and I’m upset about this all. Did I overreact by asking to be invited and assuming it was a double date?”

Reddit users thought the friend was being strange

“I think it’s time to rethink this friendship,” one person commented.

“The friend seems shady as hell,” another said

“Tell that broad to go get her own boyfriend,” a user wrote

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