Woman frustrated by boyfriend’s ‘unreasonable’ request: ‘What is he so insecure about?’

A woman’s boyfriend forbade her from wearing another’s man jewelry

She went on Reddit’s “Relationship Advice” forum to see if she was being unreasonable. The issue began when her best friend showered her with gifts from his travels and her boyfriend disapproved. 

“My best friend travels a lot but with Covid-19 happening, he decided to come back home,” she wrote. “He was in India Pune and when he came back he bought some things he knew I liked. My boyfriend was out with his friends (it’s safe here) and I told him my friend was coming over, he was okay with it and so my best friend came to see me.” 

The friend was in India for quite some time and regaled her with stories from his trip and trinkets he picked up along the way. 

“He got me really beautiful earrings, bracelets, anklets, rings and this gorgeous elephant necklace,” she explained. “He also got some Indian spices, perfume and some postcards (I collect them). And we got to make up for the time we didn’t see each other.”

Then her boyfriend came back home and the three of them hung out together. 

“I could tell my boyfriend was upset,” she continued. “When my best friend left, he asked me if I was going to keep the gifts. I asked him what he meant and he said that I obviously had to give them away or at least not wear it. And that if I wanted to wear something, I could wear the ones he gave me. I told him I could wear whatever I wanted and he got upset at me. We had a heated argument where he was adamant about me not wearing it ‘another man’s jewelry.'” 

Reddit users believed the boyfriend was overreacting. 

“What is he so insecure about?” one user commented

“I think he’s being unreasonable. Your friend just got you those things because he knew you liked them,” another said

“Sounds like he’s insecure about your friendship. It is your right to wear what you want,” someone added.

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