Woman ‘furious’ after discovering girlfriend’s fake background story: ‘She’s acting like this isn’t a big deal’

A woman is upset that her Australian girlfriend (GF) lied about having a pet kangaroo. 

She explained the unusual situation on Reddit’s “Am It the A******” forum. The Australian girlfriend had a bit too much to drink and told the Reddit poster’s parents she had a kangaroo back home. The Reddit poster was furious because she felt her girlfriend made her parent’s look foolish. 

“My GF met my parents for the first time,” the Reddit poster explained. “My parents are a bit obsessed with her being Australian. We get to the end of the night and she tells this detailed story about her pet kangaroo. She even had a photo with one. Later we went up to the bed and I asked her about it, and she kind of laughed but didn’t elaborate.”

The next day the girlfriend explained it was just a joke. But the Reddit poster felt it was disrespectful.

“I told her my dad wouldn’t get this and [would] think she did it to make a fool of him. She shrugged and said, ‘Fine, I won’t tell him. I can have a pet kangaroo,'” the Reddit poster said. “I’m furious and she’s acting like this isn’t a big deal, actually being quite affectionate with me, chatting to my parents.”

Reddit users weighed in on the dilemma. 

“Your girlfriend sounds great,” one user wrote

“As an Australian what you have described is both normal and hilarious,” another said. 

“Lol, this is so Aussie. We love playing into people’s stereotypes,” someone commented

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