Woman gets body shamed at the beach for wearing a bikini … to the beach

A woman was having a relaxing weekend at upstate New York’s Freedom Lake, when a mother came up to her and admonished her for wearing a bikini.

The bikini-clad woman, who goes by Aurea on TikTok, recorded the altercation, which involved the mother saying Aurea needed to “get her a** covered.” The video has over 3 million views.

“See those two little boys over there?” the mother says to Aurea. “Those are my boys and they’re staring at your a**, which is hanging out.”

She continues, saying that she has an extra pair of shorts Aurea can borrow to cover up.

“Is there a rule that says that?” Aurea asks.

“Yeah, there is,” the woman replies. “You can’t be nude on a beach, or like this, it’s a public place.”

“Alright, go and ask them,” Aurea says, referring to the nearby park employees. With one last nasty look, the mother heads over in that direction.

According to the New York Post, Aurea confirmed with workers that there was no rule at the lake that deemed her bathing suit unacceptable, however, there are rules about wearing a face mask, which the mother who approached Aurea was not wearing.

Aurea shows off her bikini, which she also posted to her Instagram account along with a caption on body positivity.

For the most part, commenters on TikTok sided with Aurea, saying it was ridiculous that the mother would blame Aurea for her sons staring.

“Why is it always the girls fault? Teach the boys some respect,” one person wrote.

“Tell her to control her boys! Why does no one tell them to raise their boys better,” another added.

While several people pointed out that the bathing suit bottoms were a little too revealing for a “family-friendly environment,” a commenter explained: “She does not need to wear anything she doesn’t want [to], she is in a bathing suit and feeling herself leave her be!”

In a follow-up TikTok, Aurea captioned a clip of her dancing in the same bikini with, “One of the reasons I moved to another country was to feel more safe as a woman.” According to her hashtags and other videos, Aurea recently moved from Mexico.

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