Woman gets in huge fight over her husband’s Taco Bell obsession

A woman is stirring controversy after calling out her husband’s supposedly “shocking” life decision.

The 24-year-old, writing under the username throwra_l8tr asked for help in Reddit’s r/relationship_advice forum. In her post, she shared the extremely unique reason she’s been fighting with her spouse.

The problem? Her husband, who’s 25, has apparently set up an “entire Taco Bell dining booth” in his home office. Many Reddit users found the issue pretty frivolous, but for throwra_l8tr, it’s a serious problem.

“I’m still just absolutely stunned and shocked that anyone, much less my husband, would think it’s a good idea,” she wrote.

‘I told him my honest feelings’

The woman explained that her husband has “always had a soft spot” for Taco Bell, a restaurant she strongly dislikes. Recently, he had the chance to express his obsession at home — after a nearby franchise changed its decor.

“I come home and there’s a bunch of 90s Taco Bell memorabilia in the garage. Apparently one of the local restaurants was getting a remodel and I guess he bribed the manager to let him grab a booth and some other things,” the woman wrote.

The Redditor said she wasn’t upset about the financial decision, as her husband used his own money. However, she did feel upset that he didn’t ask her beforehand.

Above all, she seemingly just disliked the decorations, which transformed a room of their house into a “fast food franchise.”

“I told him my honest feelings. I thought it was ugly and tacky and glorified a less than mediocre fast food chain,” she wrote. Not to mention it goes against the entire motif of the rest of our living spaces.”

‘You are overreacting’

The wife wrote that her husband was very upset by her response, but she held her ground. Now, she’s second-guessing the whole situation.

“I feel like I have a point because it’s our house and I live here too, but he claims it’s his money and he can do what he wants with it,” she wrote. “Am I crazy or do I have a right to be upset at our house turning into a fast-food franchise?”

Reddit users had plenty to say about the issue. Many criticized the woman for not being “supportive” and stifling her husband’s happiness.

“Maybe you need to consider that you are overreacting,” one user wrote. “It’s clear that you have spent plenty of time thinking about how this makes YOU feel, but maybe you should take some time to think about how your reaction is making your husband feel.”

“Seriously, I feel bad for anyone whose SO doesn’t support their hobbies or even the little things that make them happy,” another added.

‘It’s such an innocent thing’

Others simply claimed that since the husband’s office is his space, he should be free to decorate it.

If it were in your shared spaces, if it leaks out into the rest of the house, then I’d agree with you 100%,” one commenter wrote. “But this is his den, his man-cave. Let him have this. It’s such an innocent thing. This is absolutely not a battle to pick.”

“Tt’s in HIS OFFICE, right? Is this REALLY a battle you want to fight? Think about it, friend. Marriage is for life & you have a lot of life (& battles) ahead of you. You should probably let this one go,” another added.

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